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Mogadishu Turns Toward Chaos April 23, 2007

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Ethiopia invaded Somalia last December  to rid the land of the Islamic Courts Union, a group accused of harboring al-Qaeda  The Ethiopians thought they would be out in two weeks, replaced by an African Union peacekeeping force.

None of that has happened. Five months later, the Islamic Courts Union movement has morphed into a larger coalition of Union members and disaffected nationalsts, distrustful of Ethiopia and vowing to fight its purportedly imperial ambitions in Somalia. Mogadishu is a scene of chaos.

[q url=”http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/6583095.stm”%5DMany bodies are lying around Mogadishu and hundreds of people are fleeing towards the Kenyan border, says the BBC Swahili reporter Khadra Mohammed said.

Some have serious injuries and need urgent medical attention, she says.

Only people with money are able to move out of the capital on public transport vans, most of the dead are poor people, our correspondent says.

War punishes the poor, as always.

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1. Sam Hussey - April 23, 2007

Thank you for your report on Somalia. What is happening in Somalia is directly because, the Americans would rather see a stooge put into power in Somalia than over the aspiration of the Somali people.
They have no policy, other than the ‘war on terror’ war over reconcillation and ongoing suffering of the people.
Quite simply, this is a tragedy. The hidden shame of the world. Somalis are black and muslim, we are damned.

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