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Zambia Benefits from Zim’s Woes April 16, 2007

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While South Africa absorbs thousands of penniless fleeing refugees from Zimbabwe, its northern neighbor, Zambia, is reaping some unexpected economic benefits. Until quite recently considered a basket case in its own right, fiscal and policy reforms have made Zambia look like a comparative economic safe haven.

Despite the disruption to trade, Zambia has seen significant benefits from Zimbabwe’s troubles, Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande said at a briefing during this weekend’s meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Source: iht.com

Zimbabwe has the world’s highest inflation rate and has recently come under scrutiny from human rights groups for continued violent repression of the political opposition. The primary boon to Zambia has been in the form of fleeing white farmers, who have been subjected to draconian land reform measures that have left Zimbabwe suffering from severe food shortages. The agricultural sector in a more stable Zambia has been able to capitalize on the skills brought to the country by exiled Zimbabweans.

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