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SADC : Tough,Soft, and Smart with Mugabe March 30, 2007

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Discontent with Robert Mugabe’s chaotic rule over Zimbabwe was almost  strong enough to break a wall of traditional silence today at the emergency summit on Zimbabwe today. Regional leaders criticized Mugabe, but he was allowed to edit an important communique.  South Africa’s President Mbeki will mediate talks between ZANU-PF and the opposition .

The leaders strongly condemned Mugabe behind closed doors and Mugabe was uncomfortable with a harsh communique prepared earlier and had it softened after he said it will please the western countries and the leaders bowed to his demands to issue a statement that was favorable to his position as a president.

Source: zimdaily.com

Public criticism is still muted, but change is on the agenda. South Africa will offer Mugabe a negotiated out if at all possible, and will prepare the country for elections.

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