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African Union Speaks Out Against Mugabe March 15, 2007

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As Jordan reports for NP, the Zimbabwean dictator’s comment that his critics can go “hang” has riled a number of countries, some of whom have criticized Mugabe’s policies for many years. But prior to the latest round of political repression in Zimbabwe, the African Union has maintained a terse silence.That silence, once a partial protection for Mugabe, is breaking:

Nairobi, Kenya (CNSNews.com) – The head of the African Union has for the first time in the bloc’s history broken its “see no evil” policy with regard to Zimbabwe — a sign that the continent’s leaders are losing patience with President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

The A.U. said armed attacks on opposition (Movement for Democratic Change) leaders and supporters in the capital, Harare, earlier this week were an embarrassment to the continent.

Source: cnsnews.com

Mugabe has associated his critics with former colonial powers. Now that his former friends and neighbors are speaking up, will he listen?

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