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Blogger’s Appeal Fails March 12, 2007

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Despite an outcry raised round the world, the Egyptian court scheduled to hear blogger Kareem Nabel’s appeal upheld his sentence today. The 4 year prison term meted out to the blogger was the result of Egypt’s first complete prosecution of a blogger.

The Appeal Court on Monday upheld the four-year prison sentence given to an Egyptian blogger who had been convicted of insulting Islam and Egypt’s president, court officials said.

The sentence imposed on Abdel Kareem Nabil, 22, last month had been widely condemned by local and international rights groups as a bid to curb free expression.

Source: iht.com

Despite this setback, we as citizen journalists need to keep militating for release. That should be possible through a presidential pardon and through other actions. NowPublic’s Ahmadsherif has recently written of a Google Adwords Campaign on the issue, and there is evidence of some Congressional opposition to the jailing.

If know about other creative and effective ideas on the issue, post them in the comment section. Those of us who are commenting on this issue for NowPublic and on other sites encourage you to join in the conversation about this precedent setting freedom of speech issue.

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