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al-Aqsa: A Simmering Intifada March 8, 2007

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Previously, I’ve written about the issue of Israeli work on the al-Aqsa mosque. The Israelis say that the repairs are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the buildings, but many Muslims believe just the opposite. They don’t see a work of restoration, but a conspiracy to undermine Muslim access to the third holy place. On Wednesday, Sheikh Raed Salah was arrested for inciting violence. According to Efratt Weiss, the Sheikh is being investigated for his inflammatory language, including this tidbit:

“It is now the duty of every Arab and Muslim to start a full-out intifada in order to save Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque,” Salah said.

Source: ynetnews.com

Today, Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al- Omrani report that the grand sheikh of Cairo’s al-Azhar university has issued an uncharacteristically strong statement declaring that:

Jihad becomes incumbent on Muslims when violence is done against them, or their holy places, dignity, or possessions.

Source: ynetnews.com

Egypt formally expressed its displeasure to the Israeli ambassador.

Salah expressed the fears of many when he said in February that:

They are acting … inch by inch, stone by stone, until they demolish al-Aqsa mosque…then later, they will claim it collapsed as a result of an earthquake.

Source: ynetnews.com

Clearly, there is a disaster in the making here. So far, the catastrophe is limited to mutual fear, mistrust, and sporadic violence. Unless responsible authorities intervene and act in ways that will allay these fears and put paid to conspiracy theories , something much worse is on the way.

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