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Atheist’s View of Quran Banned from YouTube? February 10, 2007

Posted by publicpolitics in Censorship.

Nick Gisburne is a self-professed atheist whose latest video, a selection of verses from the Quran describing what should happen to infidels, was allegedly banned from YouTube. It is unclear whether Mr. Gisburne has been reinstated or has been readmitted under another name, since both the original video and a video he made asking to be reinstated both are present, as of this writing, on the YouTube site.

However, Mr Gisburne has sparked a mini-rebellion against the banning, according to one writer:


The video that got him banned, however, has since been reposted dozens and dozens of times.

Source: freerepublic.com

The video in question simply displays verses (suras) from the Quran , set to music. It is much less obnoxious that some permitted YouTube videos, and it is hard to imagine why what amounts to a set of photographs of words ever fell into the category of prohibited material.

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1. -rich - February 24, 2007

If we can’t bring Nick Gisburne back to YouTube, then lets bring Nick’s story, and videos, to the rest of the web!

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