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Google Earth Reveals Korean Missile Location: A Technomuddle January 30, 2007

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In the satellite service provided by U.S. search portal “Google,” a closely-taken photo of an anti-aircraft missile position of Korea’s air force is posted. Since the photo is showing part of the key defense networks of Seoul and the metropolitan area against North Korea, they are raising a security issue.

Source: english.donga.com

The issue of censorship in the world is more complicated because of technology, as is illustrated in this story. The location and deployment of South Korean anti-aircraft weapons is clearly designed ( and in the story, officially acknowledged to be) a state secret of a very high order, yet the resolution in the Google Earth shots is good enough to allow anyone to see not “only the exact location of the military unit but also how many positions of anti-air craft missiles exist and where those missiles are deployed within the unit.”

Google Earth has posted images that the South Korean military has found objectionable before, but since military planners have no control over commercial satellite images, the South Korean military acknowledges that they have no clear way to proceed in this matter. Nor does Google Earth have any clear way to know what images will be objected to by the various security services. Indeed , what we have here is a dilemma in security policy, and all the images are sharply resolved, the same cannot be said of our ways of dealing with the challenges and security dilemmas such widely available technology poses. The proper course of action is far from clear: the images are impossible to censor except at source, and would we really want various security officials working hand in glove with Google, to determine which pictures should appear on the servers?  This picture is a true technomuddle: there is no easy answer.

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