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CIA Stole Dr. Zhivago for Publication:Pasternak Won Nobel January 19, 2007

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CIA and British Intelligence agents forced a passenger plane to land in Malta in 1957, to go on board and steal the manuscript of the banned Russian novel ‘Dr Zhivago’, which was subsequently published and awarded a Nobel Prize.

Source: maltastar.com

In 1957, the Cold War and its psyops were in full swing, and the CIA, along with its British counterpart, were eager to embarrass the Soviets as often as possible. When the intelligence agencies learned that a copy of Pasternak’s manuscript was in a passenger’s suitcase, they arranged to have the plane stopped on a pretext at the Malta airport, where the plane was grounded for two hours while the spooks copied Pasternak’s book and then replaced it where they found it.

The story gets better. The Nobel Prize Committee stipulates that literary works be first published in their original language, so the CIA arranged for the book to look as if it had been printed in Russia by using paper that would be difficult to trace and commonly used Russian fonts. Members of the Academy were surprised to receive a copy of the book in time to consider it,

Under pressure from the Soviets, Pasternak ultimately refused the award.

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