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Canadian Coins Contain Spy Devices January 11, 2007

Posted by publicpolitics in Surveillance, Technology.


The Defense Department is warning its American contractor employees about a new espionage threat seemingly straight from Hollywood: It discovered Canadian coins with tiny radio-frequency transmitters hidden inside.

Ted Bridis Associated Press

Well, here’s an oddity. The US Defense Department has warned its contractors that their movement may be under surveillance from that most unlikely of transmitters, Canadian currency.

Exhibiting what has by now become a usual parsimony with the facts, the Department has not disclosed what denominations contain the tiny RFID devices, and the US government has not yet accused Canada of mounting an offensive operation . The Canadians, not surprisingly, are as surprised as it is possible to be. They are not among the usual suspects. which according to this AP report, include China, Russia, and even France- all countries that run espionage organizations with this type of capability.

At least the coins don’t contain polonium, or broadcast audible programs from Radio Havana. What next?

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1. nuke - January 13, 2007

Hey PR. whassup?
I just added your blog to my blogroll.
Nice work. Regards, Nuke

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