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Ethiopia Goes to War in Somalia December 24, 2006

Posted by publicpolitics in Ethiopia.


(AP) – Ethiopia launched an attack Sunday on Somalia’s powerful Islamic movement, sending fighter jets across the border and bombarding several towns in a major escalation of the violence that threatens to engulf the Horn of Africa.

Mohamed Olad Hassan, The Guardian 12/24/06

Ethiopia launched an attack on Somalia’s powerful Islamic movement on Sunday, initiating the fiery culmination of troop buildups, resentment over old border wars, and a growing inability of the Somali government to curtail the radical Islamic Courts.

The air raids were intended to prop up the government of Somaili President Abdullahi Yusuf, a government that is in firm control of precisely one town, Baidoa. Baidoa has been an armed camp for years, and Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea have been locked in more or less permanent border disputes for years. Ethiopia and Somalia have fought two previous wars. Eritrea backs the radical Islamic Courts of Somailia, and the conflict threatens to involve all three countries- essentially the entire Horn of Africa. The Council of Islamic Courts wants to incorporate the ethnic Somalis living in eastern Ethiopia and in Kenya into a greater Somali.

The United States has regarded Ethiopia as an ally in its war on terror, and the Council of Islamic Courts has called for foreign fighters to come to aid in their jihad. Several sightings of disembarking Arab foreign fighters have been reported from the port city of Kismayo.

The potential of this conflict to spread is enormous, and may constitute what the Bush administration will see as an African front of the war on terror. However, the real dispute is likely to play out between the old rivals, Eritrea, which backs the Islamic movment, and Ethiopia, which backs the beleaguered and almost territory-less official government of Somalia.

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1. Paul Garner - February 19, 2009

dams its about f***king time someone tries to stop “jihad”

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