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Zawahiri’s New Video December 19, 2006

Posted by publicpolitics in Terrorism.

“IntelCenter said the upcoming release would be Zawahiri’s fifteenth
appearance on audio or video tape this year — 12 full-length releases,
and three tapes on which he made introductory or other remarks — the
highest number of releases from him in any year so far.”
United Press International

Al Quaida’s media distribution center , the As-Sahab Media Institute, announced that Ayman al- Zawahiri will release a new video within the next few days, entitled The Facts behind the Conflict between Islam and Non-Belief. Here’s another snappy title in a long string of audio/ visual releases from Zawahiri, and it marks his return after what is for him a relatively long hiatus. He has been silent since Sept 29th, when another lugubriously titled bit of propaganda called Bush, the Pope, Darfur, and the Crusades, was released for our edification and enjoyment. This is the longest period of silence from Zawahiri in 2006. Of course, it might have taken that long to encode the titles for the Web. If brevity is the soul of wit, then we know what to think about Zawahiri.

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