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Sex Worker Demonstrations Sunday December 14, 2006

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This Sunday, campaigners in North America and Europe will be marking an End Violence Against Sex Workers Day with vigils, demonstrations and posters.

Peter Jackson, BBC

The murder of prostitutes in nothing new, and worldwide attention is now focused on the latest wave of serial killings in Suffolk. This Sunday’s demonstration will highlight the extreme vulnerability of sex workers in the U. K and the United States. The protest march was originally conceived as a response to the depredations of the Green River killer in Washington State. There are no real state protections for sex workers in most countries, but the experience in the Netherlands indicates that the status quo can be changed. Prostitution there is a legal occupation, and while most work in sex clubs or brothels, all can advertise in newspapers and on the internet, while some still walk the streets. The response of the Dutch authorities has been to create .official street walking zones, with car parks, privacy screen, video monitoring, and in place social services to provide condoms and medical advice. In Germany , prostitutes pay VAT and work in legalized brothels. In France, prostitution is legal but soliciting and procuring are not, while Sweden’s prostitutes may ply their trades but clients may be prosecuted for buying sex.

Peter Jackson of the BBC interviewed Petra Timmermans, the coordinator of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers, who believes the Netherlands program is working well, not least because of the attitude of the police. According to Timmermans, Dutch prostitutes are still hurt too often, but high risk situations are reduced by the civil infrastructure and police presence. She believes that were attitudes different elsewhere, violence and disease among prostitutes could be greatly reduced. “We decide that some people aren’t worth our time, and violent people know that.”, Timmermans claims. This Sunday will mark the 4th anniversary of the End Violence Against Sex Workers Campaign.

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