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Who gives more, religious conservatives or secular liberals? Does this answer surprise you? December 2, 2006

Posted by publicpolitics in Good Works.

“In Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate
Conservatism (Basic Books), Arthur C. Brooks finds that religious
conservatives are far more charitable than secular liberals, and that
those who support the idea that government should redistribute income
are among the least likely to dig into their own wallets to help

Ben Gose in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, accessed through Arts and Letters Daily

It is not reassuring to those of us on the left coast that compassionate conservatives give more to charity than secular liberals, but the book is intended as a call to action by the left. One of the problems with secular movements of all kinds is that they lack a built in admonition, or requirement, to give. Christians, whether liberal or conservative, do not labor under an unclear moral imperative.Redistribution begins at home, and until actions match policy, those who advocate a more equitable distribution of wealth will suffer from an incontrovertible credibility gap.It is probably true that a lack of associations and networks is the confounding variable in the reluctance of those on welfare to give to charitable causes: the working poor of comparable income give up to three times as much. But that explanation does not do for the rest of us, and the Democratic party would do well, as the original story points out, to ignore anyone who might minimize the power of charitable giving. There are only two positions available here, folks. Either be the most generous, or be shamed.


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