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Hastings graceful, Pelosi careful as she steps over ethical land mine November 29, 2006

Posted by publicpolitics in U.S. Congress.

In a statement (published in the Miami Herald), Representative Alcee Hastings, the former front runner for head of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence in the 110th Congress, takes his rejection gracefully- even allusively. The candidate said in a press conference that while he was obviously disappointed with the decision… we learn in Ecclesiastes, however, for everything there is a season.

And given the thin Democratic majority, the ethical hue and cry surrounding the stillborn Murtha fracas , and the need to starve the right-wing slime machine of material insofar as it is possible to do so, it is definitely not the season to appoint a formerly impeached official to the chair of this important committee, no matter how able he might have been. Of course, that is no reason to leave Jane Harmon in the seat of power. Harmon, a conservative Democrat, appears to many to have endorsed the Bush regime’s reign of secrecy and executive privilege with far too much enthusiasm.
Keep looking, Nancy, Surely the talent pool provides more choices than a formerly impeached official, competent though he may be in the tasks ahead, and a Bush regime collaborator,.

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